The 2018 Life Brokerage Technology Committee (LBTC) face-to-face meeting at the NAILBA37 Annual Meeting at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida was a huge success! Exceptional content on today’s industry technology trends, as well as strategic discussion for 2019, was presented.

LBTC boasts many accomplishments in recent years, especially under the out-going LBTC co-chairs’ leadership: Debbie Hannam of Brokers Clearing House, Adnan Raja of New York Life, and Stacey Gabaldon of PaperClip.

LBTC Meeting Highlights

The meeting opened with a welcome from NAILBA, presented by Dex Umekubo, co-owner and managing partner of Producers XL and past chair of NAILBA.

An overview of the past initiatives and LBTC industry partners was presented by Ken Leibow of Global Bankers Insurance Group. Leibow is one of the co-founders and past co-chair of LBTC as well as a current co-chair of the LBTC Steering Committee, along with Joann Mattson of Four Seasons Financial Group and Jeff Lingenfelter of John Hancock Insurance Company.

Technology Survey

Lingenfleter has done an exceptional and challenging job of creating and leading the team that creates the LBTC Annual Technology Survey. He presented results and analysis of the survey at the meeting, which made for a perfect lead-in to introduce the new 2019 Co-Chairs of LBTC: Ron Alexander of Crump Insurance, Carrie Folger of Protective Life, and John Reynolds of ExamOne.

Alexander presented industry technology perspective, trends and discussed strategy for 2019.

Folger gave an incredible presentation on the key aspects of accelerated underwriting (past and current); and Reynolds shared an interesting overview of some of the latest underwriting tools.

Mixed in with the three presentations was a live survey with the audience, which was very engaging.

Cyber Security, Front and Center

Cyber Security was an important topic for LBTC in 2018.

Mark Grosvenor of NFP did a fantastic webinar on “Security Awareness for the Modern Life Insurance Firm.” At the LBTC meeting, Grosvenor presented an abbreviated version on cyber security.

Sponsor Spotlight

The sponsors of the meeting spoke on a variety of technology topics.

Brian Kirland of SuranceBay spoke on “Get the Most Out of Your Data”; Suzy Tuck of PaperClip discussed “27 Years of Innovation at NAILBA”; Manoj Sherman and Rakesh Rhadakrishnan of eNoah Solutions presented “Challenges Ahead : Role of Technology Innovation & Process Simplicity”; and wrapping up the sponsor presentations was Patrick Masi of Vertafore who gave an overview of “Applying Customer Service Principles to Agent Servicing.”


The meeting ended with a brief LBTC membership update. Due to a great reception and popular demand, we broke down the meeting content into three documents in PDF format:

  1. LBTC Industry Perspectives and Life Survey Results (Ron Alexander, Carrier Folger, and John Reynolds)
  2. LBTC 2018 Presentations at NAILBA 37
  3. LBTC Annual Technology Survey Results 2018

You can access these documents and view them online or download them from the LBTC account. Click this link to access the 3 LBTC presentations for NAILBA37:


The Life Brokerage Technology Committee (LBTC) was established to create and maintain an open forum for the consideration of primarily technological issues that affect the operational efficiency of the members businesses. LBTC’s membership consists of life insurance carriers, service providers, technology vendors, brokerage general agencies and other distributors of life insurance, variable, annuities and long term care insurance.

The purpose of this committee is to exchange information about technology related systems and services related to marketing, sale and servicing of insurance in independent distribution channels. All meetings and exchanges of ideas that take place through the efforts of the committee are designed solely for the purpose of expressing various points of view and for the sharing of information.

Explore opportunities to identify and promulgate best practices in these areas to reduce inefficiencies and unnecessary expenses for all participants and improve services for the committee’s mutual customers.

For further information, please contact Ken Leibow at or 402-740-7356.