I love a great movie. It can make you laugh, cry, motivate you, inspire you, help you escape, or help you remember.

Almost 30 years ago, there was a movie called “Dead Poets Society,” starring Robin Williams. He played an English teacher named John Keating who inspired his students to look at poetry with a different perspective of authentic knowledge and feelings.

One of the scenes I remember best is when he talked to his class about past students and their dreams and ambitions. “Carpe diem, boys,” he whispered. “Seize the day.”

Carpe Diem

Carpe diem embodies the mindset of an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s one of my favorite beliefs— that you can chart your own path, reach (and surpass) goals you set for yourself and control your own destiny.

Like the frontiersmen of the Wild West, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, or the contestants on Shark Tank, our distribution partners—agencies, IMOs, and individual producers—are all entrepreneurs. They are in business for themselves. They decide which products and solutions they want in their arsenal, what consumer markets they will target, the hours they want to work, how they will “brand” themselves, and how much of an income they want to earn.

At CBLife, we want our distribution partners to know we recognize that they have a choice about which carriers they will represent and that we take our distribution partnerships seriously. If we don’t deliver, we risk losing a valued partner and that partner’s business.

We understand the entrepreneurial spirit. Every day, we also look to chart our own direction through new product solutions that provide value and solve a need, transformational improvements in our sales and new business processes including electronic applications, intelligent underwriting, faster speed to issue, and the creation of programs that recognize and reward loyal distribution partners.

Simply stated, we strive to deliver a value proposition for our producers and their clients that ensures CBLife is a prized and trusted partner supporting our distributors and their businesses.

Seize the Day

As I write this column, it’s the weekend. I’m wearing a favorite shirt that my friend Ralph gave me years ago. It’s a Tommy Bahama shirt and on the back of the shirt is a sailboat and the saying, “Seas the Day.”

It’s a nice play on words. But the thinking is still the same. Harness the wind, chart your course, face the unknown, and take it for a ride.

The same can be said for being in business for yourself. Find your passion—figure out where you excel and what you enjoy. Identify your audience. Go out and share your message, your belief, your solutions. Find strong partners who support you in your desires and recognize and celebrate your achievements. And make it happen.

At CBLife, we appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit of our partners and we look forward to helping you “Seize the Day.” Carpe diem!